Research interests

In this page you can find a list of my present research interests and previous and future projects.

Research topics

  • Design and test of digital systems;
  • IEEE 1149.x Standard;
  • FPGA design and test;
  • Test methodologies for reconfigurable hardware systems;
  • Dynamic allocation of hardware resources in dynamically reconfigurable systems;
  • Reconfigurable systems management;
  • FPGA architectures for reconfigurable computing;
  • Reconfigurable computing architectures;
  • E-learning and remote electronic labs.

Note: If you area interested or working on any of these fields, seeking for a project partnership or just trying to find someone to exchange ideas, drop me an e-mail. Maybe it can be the beginning of a fruitful cooperation. Thanks!


  • Since October 2017 I am responsible for the participation of the Polytechnic of Porto (IPP) in the European Project e-LIVES. In the scope of the project we are responsible for the Dissemination Workpackage.
  • Between October 2012 and February 2016 I was responsible for the participation of ISEP in the European Project TEMPUS-EOLES. In the scope of the project, apart from participating as a teacher in the Digital Systems course module, we were responsible for the Dissemination Workpackage and for the development of an electronics remote lab that allow students to perform their practical hands-on labs in analogue electronics remotely.
  • Between May 2005 and October 2007, I was responsible for the project Weeble - Design of Self-Fault-Tolerant Systems based on Self-Reconfigurable FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays)
  • Between November 2000 and July 2003, I worked exclusively on the project "Concurrent test of Reconfigurable Systems (based on dynamically reconfigurable FPGAs), supported by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology under contract POCTI/33842/ESE/2000, and whose aim was the development of a test methodology for dynamically reconfigurable FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) and also to get a PhD degree, what I did successfully.
  • Since May 1997 I have been working on the test of reconfigurable systems based on dynamically reconfigurable FPGAs. I developed some educational materials about Rapid Prototyping as part of the project INSIGHT II (INtegrated Small electronics Industries Goal-directed High Technology training), of European Program Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • Between November 1993 and April 1997, I was dedicated to the development of technical aids to augmentative and alternative communication, which resulted in a prototype called Cheap Talk system: Versatility and Portability in an AAC Device and in my MSc degree. At the same time, I developed hardware for the project HS-ADEPT (Home Systems - Access of Disabled and Elderly People to this Technology) part of the European Program TIDE (Technology Initiative for Disabled and Elderly people), in consortium with the University of Reading (UK), Possum Controls LTD (UK), A. J. Fonseca Lda. (P), I & T Com (F), The Papworth Trust (UK), APPC (P) and European Home Systems Association (B), and on the project HORIZON-ILIE, whose aim was the implementation of an Electronics and Computer Lab for people with cerebral palsy, financed by the program HORIZON
  • As a fellowship of Junta Nacional de Investigação Científica e Tecnológica (JNICT), I worked at INESC-Porto between January and July, 1993, on the Proj. No. PMCT/C/TIT/937/90 - "Validation and test system for Printed Circuit boards with Boundary-Scan Test"