Project evaluation activities

In this page you may find a list of all the project evaluation activities in which I have been involved.

  • Invited expert of the European Commission in the framework of FP7 (the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development) to integrate a panel of experts to review a project in the area of e-learning and remote experimentation.
  • Invited evaluator of the Russian Science Foundation since 2011.
  • Member of the panel of evaluators of the former:
  • KORANET - Korean scientific cooperation network with the European Research Area - a program funded under the 7th European Union Research Framework Programme whose aim is to intensify and strengthen Science & Technology cooperation between Korea and Europe.
  • SEE-ERA.NET - The Southeast European Era-Net - the main European Union networking project for the integration of the Southeast European countries into the European Research Area
  • INTAS - Association Internationale pour la promotion de la coopération avec les scientifiques des Nouveaux Etats Indépendants de l'ancienne Union Soviétique